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Jupiter Hotels Risk Controls Summary

to Prevent the Spread of Covid 19


Risk Controls
Implementation and Monitoring
Infection prevention
Employees are required not to attend 
work if Covid 19 symptomatic and 
follow the requirements of NHS 
Track and Trace, including 
self-isolating where advised to do so
in line with Government guidance. 
Processes are in place to monitor 
employee health prior to working each 
day with clear procedures to return 
home if becoming symptomatic.

Where a guest becomes Covid 19 
symptomatic, clearly defined 
procedures are in place to support the 
guest whilst at the hotel and 
prevent infection spread.
Managers and supervisors will ensure
employees are provided with appropriate
information to enable them to engage 
fully with the NHS Track and Trace process.
Where managers and supervisors believe an 
employee appears to be Covid 19 symptomatic,
they must discuss this immediately with the
employee and where appropriate require 
employees to return home, contact NHS 111 
and follow the advice provided to them.

Where required the general manger must 
ensure the hotel's guest self-isolation
procedures are put in place.
Social distancing
Employees should maintain effective 
social distancing with colleagues, 
guests andothers in line with UK 
Government guidelines. Employees 
should avoid close contact with 
colleagues, guests and others. 
(Public Health England define close
contact as being within 2 meters of 
someone for more than 15 minutes)

Signage and floor markings are in 
place to remind and support guests
and employees in maintaining effective 
social distancing when queuing or 
using public areas.

Lift capacities have been reduced to 
maximise social distancing in line 
with UK government guidance. 
Signage is in place at all lift entry 
points, advising of lift capacities 
with floor markings within the lift 
indicting where lift users should stand.
The general manger and hotel management 
team should ensure adequate signage is 
in place to advise and support social 
distancing in front and back of house areas.

Managers should ensure work activities 
are planned in such a way as to ensure 
the required social distancing can be 
maintained. Where activates require close 
contact it should be of short duration 
(less than 15 minutes).

Managers and supervisors should monitor 
employee compliance with social distancing 
requirements including in back of house, 
office and staff changing and break areas.

Hand hygiene
Effective hand hygiene is essential to 
control prevent the spread of Covid 19, 
washing hands for at least 20 seconds 
with soap and warm water, drying hands 
properly afterwards. Where soap and water
is not available sanitise hands using 
alcohol based hand sanitiser with a 
minimum 60% alcohol content.

Hand washing/sanitising facilities are 
available throughout the hotel. 
Employees must wash/sanitise their 
hands after each guest or 
employee interaction.
Managers and supervisors should ensure 
adequate provision of hand sanitisers 
with signage to indicate sanitising 
station location and usage information.

Managers and supervisors must ensure 
employees are provided with appropriate 
information and instruction on effective 
hand hygiene with supporting guidance 
posters in place. Regular monitoring of 
employee hand washing/sanitising to 
ensure it is undertaken frequently and 
appropriately must be in place.
Cleaning and disinfection
Only disinfectants proven to work on 
enveloped viruses will be used.

Cleaning and disinfection protocols 
have been put in place to minimise 
the risk of spread of infection with 
particular focus on frequent hand touch 
points in both guest bedrooms and 
public and back of house areas 
(e.g. lift call button, handles,
 taps, tv controls etc). 

Consumables and collateral in guest 
bedrooms and public areas have 
been reduced.
Managers must ensure only approved 
cleaning products are used.

Managers and supervisors must ensure 
guest room cleaning and disinfection 
procedures are followed including where 
guest has been self-isolating.

Regular checks of public area cleaning 
should be undertaken and recorded by 
the head housekeeper or duty manager.
Process change
A range of process changes have 
been introduced to enhance 
Covid 19 risk controls: check-in 
process; food and beverage service 
provision; guest room and public 
area cleaning and disinfection; 
in room service provision and in
 back of house procedures.
Managers and supervisors must ensure 
all employees follow processes amendments 
to enable and support social distancing 
requirements, reduce hand contacts, 
maintain effective hand hygiene by 
guests and employees.
Information, communication, and signage
Signage is in place throughout 
the hotel providing information, 
direction, support and advice to 
employees and guests on the 
essential controls and behaviours 
required to reduce the risk of 
spread of Covid 19.
Mangers must ensure effective 
communication of key risk control messages
to both guests and staff ensuring 
information on process and guest service 
adjustments are effectively communicated.
Covid 19 risk control policies and  training
A range of departmental and task 
specific policy guidelines have 
been developed to support the 
operational implementation of 
the key risk controls, effective 
social distancing; hand hygiene 
and cleaning and disinfection 
identified by Public Health England.

All employees have been provided 
with clear information, instruction 
and training in the required risk 
controls and behaviours to prevent 
the spread of Covid 19
Managers and supervisors, through 
effective supervision, must ensure 
operational procedures meet the Covid 19
policy guidance relevant to the department
and / or task being undertaken. Employees 
must follow the appropriate working 
procedures and behaviours.

All employees must complete the four 
Covid 19 training modules on the Jupiter 
Academy and where required confirm 
understanding of the company specific 
protocols provided.
Face coverings and PPE
Employees must wear face covering 
where UK Government guidance 
indicates this is mandatory.

PPE will be worn where risk 
assessment indicates it 
being required.
Mangers must ensure face covering/ PPE 
changing ‘stations’ are in place to ensure
employees are able to change face covering
and other PPE (where required) safely.
Employee mental health and wellbeing
Through the company’s HR department
and management teams, information 
has been provided on the support 
resources available to employees, 
both internal and through external 
organisations including mental 
health support organisations.
Managers and supervisors should ensure 
they are familiar with the support 
available to employees and communicate 
this to employees where appropriate. 
Managers should complete the Public 
Health England online physiological 
first aid training course.
In line with Public Health England 
guidance, employees should ensure 
work areas are well ventilated, 
maximise fresh air by opening 
windows if safe to do so (window
restrictors should not be removed), 
doors other than fire doors can be 
held open to improve air circulation
whilst working in the area.
Mangers and supervisor must ensure 
efforts to maximise fresh air do not 
result in compromise of building 
security, security of back of 
house/restricted areas or result in 
further significant health and 
safety risks.


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