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Jupiter Hotels Limited – Gender Pay Gap Report


At Jupiter Hotels Limited we welcome the opportunity to publish data under the Gender Pay Gap Reporting legislation. All statistics were compiled in line with the legislation using the “snapshot date” 5 April 2017.

We operate 27 Mercure branded Hotels within our portfolio across the UK, with our support centre being based in High Wycombe.

Gender Pay Gap

Figures show the difference in the mean and median pay between men and women.

The mean gender pay gap can be associated with the most senior positions mainly being held by men as well as a considerable proportion of females employed within junior roles compared to males. This is illustrated by 69.2% and 54.6% of female representation in the lower middle and lower pay quartiles.

Compared to figures reported by Office National Statics (2017) figures, our gender pay gap could be viewed as encouraging, although there are a number of opportunities for this gap to reduce further.

Pay Quartiles by Gender

Illustrates the proportions of pay for men and women split within four pay bands.

The pay quartiles by gender demonstrate a relatively small difference of females and males in three quartiles.

The lower middle quartile which sees proportionately more females than males (142) can be associated with the mixture of junior roles, which tend to attract more female applicants.


Gender Bonus Gap

Demonstrates the differences in mean and median bonus pay between men and women and the proportion of men and women who received bonus pay in the reporting year.

The difference in mean bonus figure was expected given the higher bonus-earning potential opportunity available for more senior roles of which there is a larger proportion of males than females as previously discussed.

The difference between the proportion of men and women who received bonus payments in the year was small, with proportionately more women receiving a bonus than men. This is partly due to the job roles which attract a bonus payment such as within our support centre, Front Office and Sales roles where there are higher numbers of females than males.


We will continue to encourage diversity across the organisation and we are committed to identifying and, where required, addressing any gender pay gaps at job level, including any gaps in favour of females.

Improvements have been made to our training and development, opportunities include an upgraded E-learning system offering increased equality and diversity in the workplace to all individuals as well as regularly updating our people management group training programmes.

Furthermore, we recently launched our new applicant system, allowing wider opportunities for advertising and applicants are able to apply via any mobile device.

In 2018, we will be improving our careers website with the aim of attracting a wider diverse talent pool across all our varying roles, explore a robust succession planning process and continue to build upon our strong values which inspire our people to flourish in order that every guest has an enjoyable stay and one that is exceptionally good value.



Statutory Disclosure

This document has been published in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. These results have also been published as required on the Gov.uk website. All data provided is accurate as at 5 April 2017.


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