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Anti-slavery and Human Trafficking Code of Conduct

Modern  slavery  is  a  crime  and  a  violation  of  fundamental  human  rights.  It  takes  various  forms,  such  as  slavery,  servitude,  forced  and  compulsory  labour  and  human  trafficking,  all  of  which  have  in  common  the  deprivation  of  a  person’s  liberty  by  another in order to exploit them for personal or commercial gain.

Interstate  Hotels  & Resorts (who manage Jupiter Hotels)  has  a  zero-tolerance  approach  to  slavery  and  is  committed  to  acting  ethically  and  with  integrity  in  all  business  relationships  and  to  ensuring  there  are  no  acts  of  slavery  within  any  parts  of  our  business  or  supply  chains.

The Company and its employees undertake to comply with the principles of all  legislation  in  relation  to  modern  slavery.  We  expect  all  third  parties  that  we  do  business with to maintain the same high standards and this Code of Conduct applies to  all  Directors,  employees,  agency  workers,  contractors,  consultants,  third  party  representatives and business partners.

Our  systems  and  controls  seek  to  ensure  that  modern  slavery  is  not  taking  place  either within our own business or in any of our supply chains.  We will not enter into business  with  any  third-party  making  use  of  forced,  compulsory  or  trafficked  labour  or anyone held in slavery or servitude (whether adults or children) nor do we tolerate such activity within our own business.

We will introduce obligations on our supply chain both before signing contracts with a third party and on an ongoing basis for the duration of any contract.

The  Board  of  Directors  has  overall  responsibility  for  the  Code  of  Conduct  and  for  ensuring that those under our control comply with both our Code of Conduct and the Act.

Under our Code of Conduct, employees and anyone doing business with the Company are expected to:

  1. Comply  with  the  provisions  of  all  legislation  related  to  modern  slavery  (e.g.  the Modern Slavery Act – MSA) and of this Code of Conduct;
  2. Avoid any activity resulting in a breach of the requirements of the MSA or this Code of Conduct;
  3. Raise any concerns about any suspicion of modern slavery in any part of our business or supply chains;
  4. Prevent,  detect  or  report  any  instances  of  modern  slavery  within  our  business  or  supply chains.

Reporting should be to one of the following:

Raise  concerns  immediately  if  there  is  a  suspicion  of  a  breach  of  the  Code  of  Conduct. If  any  employee  breaches  this  Code  of  Conduct,  they  will  face  disciplinary  action  which may result in dismissal for misconduct.

If  any  third  party  that  we  do  business  with  breaches  this  Code  of  Conduct,  where  practicable  and  subject  to  the  terms  of  their  contract  with  us, we will terminate our relationship with them.

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